This world is a mess. Every day it gets crazier to be alive in these times. Unfortunately, believers want to be like the people God sent them to reach. It’s so subtle in these times that without the Holy Spirit, we will get side-tracked. A few years ago, I met two amazing people. I had […]


Hello Jesus, it’s me again. I have often been told that I seek approval in the wrong places. I have been told that the only place I can find true significance is in You and not the world. I have been told that I will be disappointed trying to find my worth in what others […]


It was the red Nissan Rogue that first caught Lisa’s attention. Such a sophisticated vehicle was not at all common in the complex she lived in. It’s not that they were destitute, it was more like owning such complexity was considered a luxury. Folks embraced simplicity only because it was all they could afford. The […]