I met a woman last week, and our conversation has placed a burden on my heart. Honestly, I am surprised that believers are taken aback by trouble. God promised to make your crooked paths straight, so there are no ups and downs for the child of God. However, Jesus also said that in this life, […]


Imagine with me that a friend introduced you to someone you had been hearing about and eager to meet. After the introductions were made, you both smiled politely at each other and went your way. Of course your friend knows this person, has a relationship and continues to talk about them to you. So you […]

God Is A Hundred!

I know many times I’m tempted to worry. Yes, I’ve lifted my eyes to Heaven and inquired only half-jokingly, ‘what’s up Jesus? I don’t get what’s happening.’ Somehow I don’t think we’re supposed to know and figure it all out otherwise we won’t have time to trust. Still, when life is a little crazy and […]