I finally left the church. I wasn’t my mother’s daughter, after all. Unlike mama, I couldn’t sit still every Sunday and pretend that life was great outside the walls. I was too exhausted to try to atone. Besides, I had seen first-hand the vanity of atonement. My mother tried for most of her life in […]


How do I tell this story? From the beginning, I knew the path I had chosen went against everything my parents believed and taught. They always said, “Clara, we set before you life and death. Choose life.” I got into the university, took one look at skies that seemed to go on forever, and I […]


I woke up on Tuesday morning with news that the electric current at our house was low. It was depressing because we had just come out of a season of light out. I got into the day and tried to stay optimistic and productive. I watched several episodes of the chosen until my phone battery […]


I’ve always had a flair for the dramatic. I’m not talking about relational drama or life drama. There is already too much of that, plus what good are those? I’m talking about experiencing extraordinary things in God. I know God is spectacular so, I’ve always wanted something I considered significant. As a teenager, my Pastor […]


I was on my way home, just enjoying the ride, and then the suggestions flooded my mind in waves. It wasn’t anything I planned or thought about previously. However, at that moment, it felt so authentic and genuine. Truthfully, in conversation with the Lord, I confided about some struggles I had been battling and how […]


God is amazing! It no longer is a cliché when you have seen God come through again and again. God is good moves from a Sunday mantra to your daily testimony when you have experienced God’s faithfulness despite being undeserving. I write this in a state of awe at God’s goodness. Last week I found […]


I’m just gonna put this out there, so kindly pay attention. If you’re going to get into a relationship and audaciously marry someone who doesn’t love Jesus, you are going to SUFFER big time. Now, notice I didn’t mention anything about marrying a Christian. Unfortunately, in this generation, we’re Christians by title and association alone. […]

God Is A Hundred!

I know many times I’m tempted to worry. Yes, I’ve lifted my eyes to Heaven and inquired only half-jokingly, ‘what’s up Jesus? I don’t get what’s happening.’ Somehow I don’t think we’re supposed to know and figure it all out otherwise we won’t have time to trust. Still, when life is a little crazy and […]

All Or Nothing!

When your life doesn’t conform to what the world considers normal, there are tendencies to feel inferior if your gaze is not focused on Jesus. This happened to me. I attached my self-worth to certain things I didn’t have and that was awful because I was never at my best. You could say I lived […]

Victory Hour!

Some days I wake up with the bring it all Lord attitude. On these days, I feel so equipped and ready to face whatever comes at me. On some other days, I just want to hide under the duvet and wake up in heaven. I’m learning that both days are a blessing. They teach you […]

Why Have a Mentor?

Sometimes life gets so overwhelming and downright confusing and it’s not like you can’t hear God, it’s just that you probably won’t. Two years ago I had to make a crucial, life altering decision and I was smack in the face with confusion. I couldn’t afford to get it wrong and I had too many […]

Sweet Relief!

Something happened in church on Sunday. Some people think of service on Sunday as another tick on the to-do box so they don’t get anything out of it. I think of Sunday service as a time to recharge, a time to be fuelled and refocused, a time to get answers and clear direction. Don’t get […]