My weekends usually begin with a weekly Friday meet-up at my dad’s/mentor’s office. It’s mostly the highlight of my week. Last week Friday, almost from the time I woke, I felt the nudge of the Holy Spirit to confirm that dad was at the office. I ignored it. I went about my morning and began […]


I honestly didn’t see Monday the 6th of September coming at all. My day started bright and early because I had a couple of obligations to fulfill. After it was all done, I began my journey to Ikorodu from Egbeda. It was all nice and smooth until I got to Ikeja. Thanks to the Lagos […]

Searching For Crumbs.

I had been a blind beggar for so long. So much time had passed that I didn’t recognise a full, proper meal from ordinary, sometimes tasteless crumbs. Even today I don’t know for sure the reason I fed on crumbs. It was never altogether appealing, neither was it satisfying but in a sad and twisted […]