Sometimes God’s promise can feel like it’s never going to happen. A few days ago, while reading a Kenneth Hagin book, I came across something that made me laugh out loud. God said to Hagin, Walk before me and do all I have called you to do because the time is short. The Rev. Hagin […]


As kids, it was fairly common for Mo’s phones to either pack up suddenly or get stolen. The reason was very simple. The minute her phone demonstrated a slight problem or frustrated her a little, she would throw her hands in the air and say, ‘Stupid phone. I’m just so tired of you.’ I didn’t […]


Hello Jesus, it’s me again. I have often been told that I seek approval in the wrong places. I have been told that the only place I can find true significance is in You and not the world. I have been told that I will be disappointed trying to find my worth in what others […]


Imagine with me that a friend introduced you to someone you had been hearing about and eager to meet. After the introductions were made, you both smiled politely at each other and went your way. Of course your friend knows this person, has a relationship and continues to talk about them to you. So you […]


I’m just gonna put this out there, so kindly pay attention. If you’re going to get into a relationship and audaciously marry someone who doesn’t love Jesus, you are going to SUFFER big time. Now, notice I didn’t mention anything about marrying a Christian. Unfortunately, in this generation, we’re Christians by title and association alone. […]

God Is A Hundred!

I know many times I’m tempted to worry. Yes, I’ve lifted my eyes to Heaven and inquired only half-jokingly, ‘what’s up Jesus? I don’t get what’s happening.’ Somehow I don’t think we’re supposed to know and figure it all out otherwise we won’t have time to trust. Still, when life is a little crazy and […]

All Or Nothing!

When your life doesn’t conform to what the world considers normal, there are tendencies to feel inferior if your gaze is not focused on Jesus. This happened to me. I attached my self-worth to certain things I didn’t have and that was awful because I was never at my best. You could say I lived […]

Victory Hour!

Some days I wake up with the bring it all Lord attitude. On these days, I feel so equipped and ready to face whatever comes at me. On some other days, I just want to hide under the duvet and wake up in heaven. I’m learning that both days are a blessing. They teach you […]


The older I get, the more I understand that the concept of, ‘be not unequally yoked’ applies to us even today. Maybe, even more today because these are the last days. A few years ago when my sisters and I were just teenagers, something happened. Something I hadn’t thought about in years but the Holy […]

Why Have a Mentor?

Sometimes life gets so overwhelming and downright confusing and it’s not like you can’t hear God, it’s just that you probably won’t. Two years ago I had to make a crucial, life altering decision and I was smack in the face with confusion. I couldn’t afford to get it wrong and I had too many […]

Searching For Crumbs.

I had been a blind beggar for so long. So much time had passed that I didn’t recognise a full, proper meal from ordinary, sometimes tasteless crumbs. Even today I don’t know for sure the reason I fed on crumbs. It was never altogether appealing, neither was it satisfying but in a sad and twisted […]

Sweet Relief!

Something happened in church on Sunday. Some people think of service on Sunday as another tick on the to-do box so they don’t get anything out of it. I think of Sunday service as a time to recharge, a time to be fuelled and refocused, a time to get answers and clear direction. Don’t get […]