It was Saturday night. The day had gone like any other day, uneventful. he air was soft, and the birds, melodious. Alone and in bed, my mind wandered. I had just drifted when I heard the piercing scream. The sound of it shook me out of slumber. With the speed of light, I jumped and […]


One of the ways I learn is through stories. Stories are also how God speaks to me sometimes because God speaks to each person in a way they can understand. It is thoroughly refreshing to know that we can’t miss God because God understands each person’s language. So, the fear of not hearing God is […]


The thing that I love about God is that He is all about patterns. Throughout scripture, we see glimpses of God’s character and nature. It is hard to believe God’s promises to the degree that we are unconnected to His Word – His patterns. I was walking with my cousin yesterday, and she said, “Jules, do […]


A few of us were in prayers almost two months ago to this day. It was a Friday night, and we were soaked in the Holy Ghost. At that moment, my Mentor/Pastor began to prophesy over me. He said some amazing stuff, and I received it. Then the Holy Spirit said, “I have refined you […]


My weekends usually begin with a weekly Friday meet-up at my dad’s/mentor’s office. It’s mostly the highlight of my week. Last week Friday, almost from the time I woke, I felt the nudge of the Holy Spirit to confirm that dad was at the office. I ignored it. I went about my morning and began […]


I finally left the church. I wasn’t my mother’s daughter, after all. Unlike mama, I couldn’t sit still every Sunday and pretend that life was great outside the walls. I was too exhausted to try to atone. Besides, I had seen first-hand the vanity of atonement. My mother tried for most of her life in […]


I met a woman last week, and our conversation has placed a burden on my heart. Honestly, I am surprised that believers are taken aback by trouble. God promised to make your crooked paths straight, so there are no ups and downs for the child of God. However, Jesus also said that in this life, […]


I grew up in church. We were there at the opening and stayed till it was clear and empty. I was an only child of a street club dancer. My mama was a pole dancer by night. She hated it, hated how she felt afterward, but mama had to fend for us. My birth certificate […]


I honestly didn’t see Monday the 6th of September coming at all. My day started bright and early because I had a couple of obligations to fulfill. After it was all done, I began my journey to Ikorodu from Egbeda. It was all nice and smooth until I got to Ikeja. Thanks to the Lagos […]


How do I tell this story? From the beginning, I knew the path I had chosen went against everything my parents believed and taught. They always said, “Clara, we set before you life and death. Choose life.” I got into the university, took one look at skies that seemed to go on forever, and I […]


I woke up on Tuesday morning with news that the electric current at our house was low. It was depressing because we had just come out of a season of light out. I got into the day and tried to stay optimistic and productive. I watched several episodes of the chosen until my phone battery […]


I’ve always had a flair for the dramatic. I’m not talking about relational drama or life drama. There is already too much of that, plus what good are those? I’m talking about experiencing extraordinary things in God. I know God is spectacular so, I’ve always wanted something I considered significant. As a teenager, my Pastor […]