I came into this exceptional 2022 indifferent. 

It was not sadness at work. 

I could not explain it, frankly. I was not ecstatic or jumping over the moon.

In December 2021, God told me that 2022 would be my year of the SUPERNATURAL. He said I would experience Supernatural Speed, Super Abundance, and Quantum Leaps. So, I did not come into the year without expectations. However, as I prayed on the first of January, I realized I had been holding that word very loosely.

As I pondered this revelation in prayer, I realized that I had been holding onto God’s promise for nine years. That is a long time to wait. So, while I believed God’s word about 2022, I was not going to hold on too tightly. I felt it was risky. I would have all that expectation and be disappointed if I had to wait a long time for it. 

I discovered I didn’t have goals or dreams because it was too dangerous. If nothing worked out like I thought it would, it would be too heart-breaking. Without even knowing it, I was in self-preservation mode. I had to look out for myself and manage my expectations. 

As the cobwebs in my mind became exposed, I went down on my knees in surrender. I understood that I had to choose to walk by faith or by sight. 

I had been in the waiting room for nine years, and by God’s grace, I hadn’t settled. I determined that God is good, authentic, and dependable. So, that morning, I lifted my voice in prayers and asked for grace to dream again, to reach for more, to get a new vision. 

And God answered.

Every day of this year is a gift and a treasure to cherish. I wake up each day thankful and full of expectations. Each day I ask for the grace to will and do according to His pleasure. 

I know God is intentional, and every day I’m becoming the right fit for the purpose He has dreamed up for me.

Don’t rest on your laurels if you have experienced some accomplishments, and don’t stop dreaming and expecting amazing things this year.

I don’t care how long you have had to wait. God is still good, and you can trust Him to keep His Word.

Happy New Year, Fam!

Your possibilities are endless.

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