My thoughts are a bit cluttered today.  

I’ve been asking God what He wants to say to somebody today, and I get the feeling that it’s not one thing.

I heard something that brought me to my knees in prayer during the week. The news was heartbreaking and unexpected.

I’ve been praying for a miracle ever since because I believe in the power of prayers.

It broke my heart because it concerns two people whose lives and walk with God are the standard for people everywhere.

When I hear about Christians whom God has given a platform missing the mark, it is sad because many other lives are attached to theirs.

It is also a good reminder of what happens when we take our eyes off Jesus. We fall off the ladder.

More than that, it is a reminder to pray for those ahead.

I feel crushed when I hear people connected to them say nasty things or accuse and judge. 

I honestly feel like if your minister misses the mark and falls off the ladder, then everyone connected should be ashamed.

God expects more from them because to whom much is given, much is required.

Still, if your minister falls off the ladder under your watch, then you weren’t praying for them enough.

This mindset calls for collective responsibility.


The minister is not disconnected from the body because God handed him the responsibility to feed the flock.

He is as much a part of the body as you are, so if he’s hurt, then we all are.

I’m tired of the Christianity that casts the first stone.

Can we offer forgiveness, love, prayers, and support instead?

Can we be the first aid instead of the reporters?

Last year, Mo’s favorite international Pastor fell off the ladder. He said he had been leading from an empty place. It broke our hearts. We prayed and still pray for him.

I looked him up this morning, and although his silence has been loud, I saw God at work in his life and family.

It brought me to tears. God forgave him, and his family did as well. 

Through their forgiveness and acceptance, he is learning to walk again.

Let us remember that we are, first of all, THE BODY OF CHRIST, and our ministry is RECONCILIATION.

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