It was Saturday night.

The day had gone like any other day, uneventful.

he air was soft, and the birds, melodious.

Alone and in bed, my mind wandered.

I had just drifted when I heard the piercing scream.

The sound of it shook me out of slumber.

With the speed of light, I jumped and raced outside.

Nothing prepared me for the scene just beyond my doors.

This middle-aged man, known to be hardworking and friendly,

looked like the world had come undone.

Indeed, it had,

for him.

His little girl had just departed the world.


She left a note.

Born to her parents sickly,

she tired of constantly being a burden.

She wanted them happy, relieved, and at peace.

Only, she was their gift.

For them, no burden was too much. 

As the father wailed, he muttered.

“Didn’t you know I would have moved the heavens for you?”

As I stared helplessly into his grieving eyes,

I heard God’s voice as clear as dawn.

Every time you walk away from Me,

Every time you don’t trust My Word,

Every time you allow fear to make you tremble,

Every time you seek an alternative,

I feel the exact way,

only multiplied by a greater degree.

And I ask, “didn’t you know I would have moved heavens for you?”

8 thoughts on “THE SUICIDE NOTE!

  1. Only if we knew… I pray we never forget he wants us to come closer when we fill filthy than to run.

    This is really insightful Jules. Thumbs up!


  2. Once again, I’m reminded that all the rules, commandments, etc given by God were not to keep us subjected by force but are meant to help us in this journey of life, and each time we default at any of them, it doesn’t make Him angry as we suppose, rather it brings grief to His heart. Therefore, we must realize that He is very interested in our well-being.

    God bless you, Jules.

    Liked by 1 person

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