It was Saturday night. The day had gone like any other day, uneventful. he air was soft, and the birds, melodious. Alone and in bed, my mind wandered. I had just drifted when I heard the piercing scream. The sound of it shook me out of slumber. With the speed of light, I jumped and […]


One of the ways I learn is through stories. Stories are also how God speaks to me sometimes because God speaks to each person in a way they can understand. It is thoroughly refreshing to know that we can’t miss God because God understands each person’s language. So, the fear of not hearing God is […]


The thing that I love about God is that He is all about patterns. Throughout scripture, we see glimpses of God’s character and nature. It is hard to believe God’s promises to the degree that we are unconnected to His Word – His patterns. I was walking with my cousin yesterday, and she said, “Jules, do […]