My weekends usually begin with a weekly Friday meet-up at my dad’s/mentor’s office. It’s mostly the highlight of my week.

Last week Friday, almost from the time I woke, I felt the nudge of the Holy Spirit to confirm that dad was at the office. I ignored it.

I went about my morning and began to prepare to get on the road. I heard the Holy Spirit again say that I should get dad’s whereabouts.

This time I said, “Oh Dad, relax. There’s no reason to worry so much. He would inform me if he’s not at the office.”

Eventually, I got on the road, and just before I conked out, the Holy Spirit said to drop a message concerning dad’s whereabouts, but I didn’t think it was all that important.

Two hours later, I was within the walls with my mouth agape. The security informed me that dad hadn’t been at the office at all.

I knew right then that God had been trying to prevent all that drama. I stepped out of the compound, still too shocked to process any thought. It didn’t seem possible that dad would leave me stranded, so I called and called without a response. 

I started telling the Lord sorry and that I needed Him to show me a way.

A few seconds later, I got a message from dad. He had been in a meeting all day with board members somewhere around the office.

I told the Lord thanks and told dad that I would wait at his office. I had to maximize the transport fare spent.

Of course, if I had listened to God, I would have gone where dad was and saved all that money.

However, God showed me mercy and ensured I was comfortable in dad’s office. After a few hours, dad asked me to meet up with him because his meeting would end later than planned.

Despite spending more, I experienced God’s mercy even though I had ignored His instruction. Make no mistakes – ignoring God’s instruction cost me, yet God provided a way when I went to Him.

It is marvelous to have a God who speaks. More than that, it is a blessing to have a Way Maker for a Dad.

9 thoughts on “A GOD WHO SPEAKS!

  1. I believe it’s a great privilege to have God as our Father. The good thing about God is if you listen to Him, your path will be straight and you will never make mistakes. God bless you J.

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