I honestly didn’t see Monday the 6th of September coming at all. My day started bright and early because I had a couple of obligations to fulfill. After it was all done, I began my journey to Ikorodu from Egbeda. It was all nice and smooth until I got to Ikeja.

Thanks to the Lagos State government, there is a BRT terminal at Ikeja, so rather than go to Maryland to get a bus as I was accustomed to doing, I went directly to the terminal, all the while praying I would get a bus without delay.

As I stood under the beautiful, white, high canopies at the terminal, it became cloudy and windy. I continued praying under my breath until the bus came. 

I sat comfortably on the bus as it moved at 1:10 pm. As a result of the exhaustion and hunger pangs, I slept off as we climbed the Ikeja bridge. It was a quiet, dreamless sleep. The heat must have tugged at me because I woke up twenty minutes later to the sound of irritation and hissing. I spied my seat partner’s phone and saw that it was 3 pm. 

I looked around and was shocked to realize we were still at Ikeja in the middle of terrible traffic. I was beyond shocked, tired, and hungry. So, I prayed because whatever else anybody had to say, I knew the traffic was demonic. We got to Maryland at 3:43 pm, and there was no significant cause of the traffic as the road was suspiciously free. 

I got to Ikorodu garage at 4:29 pm. On tapping out, I discovered to my utmost disbelief that my card had been cleared. The 800 naira was all gone, and it wasn’t peculiar to me. I intended to reduce the fare from Ikeja to Maryland by taking the bus at the Ikeja terminal. I wasn’t pleased, and then came the old deceiver, Satan. 

He said to me, “Of course, this will happen to you. How long did you spend in prayer this morning? Oh yes! Not long at all. Your steps aren’t ordered. Your day will go from bad to worse. You know what else? You deserve everything you’re getting. Just look at your life. It’s only going to get worse.”

I had listened too long and too hard to my Pastor not to know the devil was coming against me. I thought I didn’t have a defense when the word of God rose on the inside, “The Bible says clearly that the steps of the righteous are ordered by the Lord.” That silenced him.

I got off the bus and walked forward to get a vehicle home. As I stood waiting, a pretty lady walked toward me with a smile and said, “Aww, you don’t remember me.” At once, I recognized her as a family friend we had grown up together. I hadn’t seen her in years, and she had done some growing up. She looked so different and so pretty. 

While we stood waiting, that old accuser came again and said, “You look just the same. I bet that’s what she’s thinking. You haven’t changed in all these years. You’re still as skinny as you once were. You are still the same, not much difference between then and now. I bet she even feels sorry for you.”  

I mentally shook my head and sighed. I knew the devil was relentless, but I was experiencing it first-hand. Again, the word of God rose within, “The path of the just shines brighter and brighter unto the perfect day.” 

I knew I had gone through the fire that day, and though I hadn’t seen the day unfolding as it had, the Holy Spirit had prepared me to overcome, and I did. 

This experience is not peculiar to me. Jesus said, “I will not leave you as orphans but will pray to the Father that He may send the Comforter to abide with you always. My peace I leave with you, not as the world gives. Do not be afraid, for I have overcome the world.” 

10 thoughts on “I DIDN’T SEE TODAY COMING!

  1. The Word within helps us stand in times as these. The Holy Spirit would always bring the Word of God to our remembrance, provided there’s something to “remind” you about. We must fill our hearts with the Word of God always.

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  2. Thanks Mojolaoluwami for sharing! You walked me through your experience succinctly. I felt the fire in those WORDS that rose in you as a response to the enemy’s tantrums. We have overcome.

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