How do I tell this story? From the beginning, I knew the path I had chosen went against everything my parents believed and taught. They always said, “Clara, we set before you life and death. Choose life.”

I got into the university, took one look at skies that seemed to go on forever, and I clapped with excitement. I was finally free! I look back at the simpler days with a sigh of regret. What I thought was freedom turned out to be bondage. The taste of it left a sour taste in my mouth.

Oh, I’ve gone ahead of myself. I got into the university and connected with a group of girls. We each had parents we considered stifling, so we were more than glad to be rid of them. Over time, all my friends got entangled, and sex became the only topic of conversation.

I was a virgin at the time, but suddenly it seemed boring and outdated. After a while, I got into a relationship with a cool guy. He was a dream. A dream come true. I fancied myself in love and happy. Looking back, I realize the pressure was within. I figured it was time to get in a physical relationship, so I did.

My friends went in and out of relationships, but somehow I clung to Justin. And the years disappeared before my eyes.

I experienced different seasons in life, but the most unforgettable was the season I renewed my commitment to Jesus. I finally understood what my parents said, Clara, choose life.

Now I go about talking to teenagers and young ladies. Your body is precious, and your singleness is golden. Treasure the both. God loves you, and He calls you His most prized possession.

I heard this too, but I didn’t understand. I wanted freedom, but I didn’t realize I was already free.

I share this message all the time with the prayer that someone gains the understanding to choose LIFE.

5 thoughts on “CHOOSE LIFE!

  1. Bien écrit! This got me thinking about the concept of freedom though…Freedom is the freewill to choose who or what will rule you. Just a thought… I choose Life!!!

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