God is amazing! It no longer is a cliché when you have seen God come through again and again. God is good moves from a Sunday mantra to your daily testimony when you have experienced God’s faithfulness despite being undeserving.

I write this in a state of awe at God’s goodness. Last week I found out a family friend got their promise. We had waited with our thumbs in our mouths. The truth is we had just about given up on the promise. Somehow, we were learning to live without it. We were getting to the place of contentment and joy despite the promise.

Recently, God spoke the Word again like He was reminding us and renewing His commitment to His Word. The next thing I know, the Word became flesh.

I am still so speechless at God’s faithfulness. A Promise Keeper that never forgets and never fails.

God said to me, “Have I not said it? I will certainly do it. My timing will never work on your timetable, but if you will trust me and wait on Me with the right attitude, I will bring my Word to pass.”

Nothing hit home like this experience. God said to tell you that giving up should never occur to you. Wherever you are on life’s ladder, find out what God has got to say. Once you get His Word, keep declaring it. Hold onto His Word. Don’t let it go. God is committed to fulfilling His promise.

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