I’ve always had a flair for the dramatic. I’m not talking about relational drama or life drama. There is already too much of that, plus what good are those? I’m talking about experiencing extraordinary things in God. I know God is spectacular so, I’ve always wanted something I considered significant. As a teenager, my Pastor […]


I was on my way home, just enjoying the ride, and then the suggestions flooded my mind in waves. It wasn’t anything I planned or thought about previously. However, at that moment, it felt so authentic and genuine. Truthfully, in conversation with the Lord, I confided about some struggles I had been battling and how […]


God is amazing! It no longer is a cliché when you have seen God come through again and again. God is good moves from a Sunday mantra to your daily testimony when you have experienced God’s faithfulness despite being undeserving. I write this in a state of awe at God’s goodness. Last week I found […]