I was coming home from Maryland on Monday in the bus rapid transit (BRT). We were already about two bus stops from Agric when a commuter stood to tap out by placing his card on the machine. On entry, they had deducted 500 naira from his account, understanding that the balance of 200 naira would be credited to him when he got to his destination and tapped out. Unfortunately, the machine was not even working.

As expected, the man called the driver’s attention to the situation but nothing. The commuter got riled up and said he would take drastic measures to ensure he got his balance. Apparently, it wasn’t the first time he was experiencing a similar situation. Shortly after, another lady tried to tap out and couldn’t. All the driver said was,Β “oh well, you would have to get to the final stop and make your complaints to the customer care center.” The lady was amazed. She told us it would take the same amount to get back home, so it was futile.

Sadly, more than half of us could relate because we had had similar experiences. I had been at their customer care center the previous week to complain about the same issue and get my balance. I was on my way to the customer center that same Monday to effect payment.

We got to Agric amid much shouting, and the most insane thing happened. The angry commuter got out of the bus so quickly my head spun. I was surprised because he had made severe threats and all he did was get off? No, he went and stood in front of the bus, refusing to budge until they attended to him. Talk about extreme measures. The driver stood up then, and within a few minutes, the machine was up and running.

I got so angry at the driver, the government, and a system that had failed her citizens. I was so upset, was sure I would burst with the emotions coursing my veins.

Then I heard the gentle whisper of the Holy Spirit, “Your anger will not work out my righteousness. If you stay persistent in your prayers, I will intervene.”

He continued, “That man could have given up at any time, and he would never have gotten his problem fixed. The difference-maker was his persistence. He saw it through. Believe it when I tell you that the hallmark of answered prayers is persistence.”

I had been praying specific prayers every day for the past week for Nigeria. More than ever, I was encouraged to keep at it. Today, I encourage you to keep on praying, and you will receive.

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