Two weeks ago a number of us converged at my mentor’s house. He had scheduled a meeting to pray for us and impart grace to us.

He spoke to us for a bit then asked us to kneel for prayers which we did. And he prayed.

I remember kneeling and just being grateful to be there and be so loved when the words of his prayer echoed within. I heard strange words that made me glance up sharply.

He said, “Lord, I pray for them that You will not be late in their lives.”

It sounded wrong to me and I said in my heart, “Lord is that possible? That goes against everything I’ve been taught. You’re never late, right?

And He said in that brief instant, “You determine my timing.”

I was very much taken aback so I said, “That can’t be right, Dad. How?”

So He said, “I’m glad you asked. I’ll tell you.

He continued, “How many years did I tell Abraham the Israelites will be in captivity for?”

I replied, “That’s easy dad. 400 years.”

“And how many years were they in captivity for?”

I stuttered a little, “430 years, Dad.”

“Oh good! And how many years did I say the Israelites will be held captive in Babylon?”

“Well,” I said “70 years and before you ask Lord, I have no idea how many years they stayed in Babylon.”

I could feel Him warming to the subject, “No, you don’t know that but what you do know is the action Daniel took when he realized that the seventy years were almost over.”

I didn’t have to think about it. I said, “Yes, I know he began to pray.”

And God actually said, “Bingo.”

I was like, “Sorry Lord, drive it home.”

So He said, “You determine my timing by your prayers. Lazarus wasn’t going to get up a second before a prayer was uttered. You cannot manipulate me, of course. However, when you pray you can be sure I will show up. Always!”

I said, “Wow thank you, Dad.” Then I closed my eyes, got lost in the prayers, and agreed vehemently with my mentor that God would be right on time.

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