As kids, it was fairly common for Mo’s phones to either pack up suddenly or get stolen. The reason was very simple.

The minute her phone demonstrated a slight problem or frustrated her a little, she would throw her hands in the air and say, ‘Stupid phone. I’m just so tired of you.’

I didn’t know much but I would always tell her, ‘You’ve gotta stop speaking that way to the phone. Don’t kill it before you get another one.’

She would roll her eyes until we realized her phones were actually listening to her words and they would either get missing or stop working. It became an inside joke in the family such that anytime she started to say something negative, I would say, ‘You’ve started. That’s how you killed the last phone.’ And she would smile and refrain.

I read the sad story of Kenneth. He had a terrible stroke that almost took his life but his friends prayed steadfastly until he recovered. The Doctors were amazed as they expected him to lose his brain functions if he ever woke up. Kenneth defied the medical prognosis, waking up healthy.

Unfortunately, Kenneth was married to a thoughtless woman who could never say a good word. Amidst this, the word of God came to her saying, ‘If you keep up with your confession, your husband will be dead in two years.’

She adjusted for about a week then went right back to negative confessions. Within two years, her husband died and she was mad at God.

This woman and many like her remind me of the scripture that says,

‘People do foolish things with their hands then turn around and blame God.’

When you are careless enough to say things because they’re trending, be prepared to dance to the rhythm you have created with your words.

Today’s experiences are the result of yesterday’s confessions.

If you want to enjoy the fullness of life God has promised, speak His word instead. Like my Pastor would say,

‘Faith is in the heart and in the mouth.

I know someone is probably thinking, ‘I’ve said all the right things but my life doesn’t seem to be conforming.’

Keep Speaking. The Bible says,

“When the clouds are full of rain, they empty themselves upon the earth.”

The same rule applies to your negative confessions. You think nothing is happening because the clouds are not full yet.

Heard that statement, ‘when it rains, it pours?’ It’ll happen just like that if you maintain negative talk.

Mark 11:23 says,

“You will have whatever you say!”

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