Hello Jesus, it’s me again.

I have often been told that I seek approval in the wrong places. I have been told that the only place I can find true significance is in You and not the world. I have been told that I will be disappointed trying to find my worth in what others say and think of me.

They say that significance can only be found when I am lost in You. They say I should hold on to what You say over what the world says. They are right, I know.

So I’ve tried again and again to hold Your Word above what others say. I’ve tried to ignore the persistent lies. Yet I’ve failed every time. Indeed I’m at the end of my rope.

I have come to the point where I have to answer this crucial question, Do I value what You think of me?

You tell me I am loved, chosen, and wanted. Yet, the lies have spurn webs around my heart so intricately, I’m lost.

I have tried in human strength and failed. Somehow, that scripture that says by the arm of flesh shall no one prevail is starting to make sense to me.

Haha, no wonder the Psalmist declared,

“The strength of a horse does not impress You; how puny in your sight is the strength of a man.

Rather You delight in those who hope in Your unfailing love.”

So Jesus, here I am today asking that you help me.

Let your approval of me matter more to me than anything else. Let it matter the most to me so I can choose Your Truths over the lies of others. Be all the more real to me and let me seek You and rely on You for all my days.

I’m so excited You hear me, Jesus. Thank you because if they will call, you hear them too.

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