Imagine with me that a friend introduced you to someone you had been hearing about and eager to meet. After the introductions were made, you both smiled politely at each other and went your way.

Of course your friend knows this person, has a relationship and continues to talk about them to you. So you know a whole lot about the person and you can probably tell stories about them and incidents you have heard your friend mention over time. So you know about this person but you will never really know the person because you stopped at hello.

I think about this and it resonates deeply because this is many of us with God.

Tons of folks can talk about God, they can tell stories that have been repeated to them over the years and some can even quote history accurately.

The average person has been introduced to God at some point. You were either raised in a Christian home, or you hung around Christian circles, or a friend hauled you to church.

So you know about God and can probably talk around folks like you’re in relationship with Him. Yet, the truth speaks for itself and we can see by the fruit you bear that you don’t actually know Him.

You never got beyond the introduction.

You might get away with deceiving folks and putting up a front but you can’t deceive yourself and you certainly can’t fool God.

All anyone can do for you is get you to the door. You would have to decide to remain at the door or walk in.

As much as God loves you, He’s waiting on you too. He has taken the major step – Cleared the way for you to walk in without a hitch.

Go ahead and engage Him in His Word and in prayers.

Don’t Stop At Hello.

4 thoughts on “DON’T STOP AT HELLO!

  1. Woah!
    Again I say Woah!

    This hits so deep yet so simply written. A must read for everyone and a must brood on for everyone.

    Thank you Jules.

    Liked by 1 person

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