God Is A Hundred!

I know many times I’m tempted to worry. Yes, I’ve lifted my eyes to Heaven and inquired only half-jokingly, ‘what’s up Jesus? I don’t get what’s happening.’ Somehow I don’t think we’re supposed to know and figure it all out otherwise we won’t have time to trust. Still, when life is a little crazy and […]

All Or Nothing!

When your life doesn’t conform to what the world considers normal, there are tendencies to feel inferior if your gaze is not focused on Jesus. This happened to me. I attached my self-worth to certain things I didn’t have and that was awful because I was never at my best. You could say I lived […]

Victory Hour!

Some days I wake up with the bring it all Lord attitude. On these days, I feel so equipped and ready to face whatever comes at me. On some other days, I just want to hide under the duvet and wake up in heaven. I’m learning that both days are a blessing. They teach you […]