The older I get, the more I understand that the concept of, ‘be not unequally yoked’ applies to us even today. Maybe, even more today because these are the last days.

A few years ago when my sisters and I were just teenagers, something happened. Something I hadn’t thought about in years but the Holy Spirit reminded me of this morning.

It was the middle of the night and we were asleep when my mum rushed into our room in a panic. She wasn’t making a lot of sense so we just followed her as she rushed back to the room she shared with my dad.

There, laying on the bed and gripping his leg tightly was my dad wailing in a lot of pain. He couldn’t explain it, neither could my mum. Worse, there was no physical or outward display of anything wrong with the leg but he was clearly in tremendous pain.

The only thing my sisters and I could grasp from my mum’s panicked explanation was that he had woken up earlier in that degree of pain.

It was the dead of the night and there was only one thing our parents had grilled into us growing up,

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.”

So that night, my sisters and I gathered around my Dad and prayed for him. We must have been like that for about two hours until we saw my dad asleep, peacefully and soundly.

That singular action saved my dad’s life. By morning, the demons that had plagued him had shaken loose. They couldn’t hold on, the intensity of the family bond threw them off.

My family bond for as long as I can remember has been Jesus. My parents taught us and showed us by their example. The seed they had sown in nurturing us in the way of the Lord was a harvest they reaped bountifully when it was most needed.

My Mentor has this to say,

Christians are in a CONSTANT state of being perfected until Jesus comes – this means they still make mistakes as they grow but the Holy Spirit stirs them right back always.

If the above is true, how DARE you marry a person who is not even saved? Whose voice calls them back when they’ve goofed? You’ll be taking a big risk!”

Whether you recognise it or not, life is more spiritual than it is physical and the same rule applies to marriage because the concept was established by God.

Get to know Jesus for yourself and then let Him give you His son or daughter as the case may be.

You get to choose what your family bond will be. Your choice will determine if you last.

12 thoughts on “THE FAMILY BOND!

  1. That song “prayer is the key” hits differently in times like this.
    I woke up this morning with so much fear as I panicked because of a bad dream.. I ran immediately to hold my sister’s hands as we prayed together. The prayer brought not just peace but a confirmation that God is good and he is God.
    We cannot overemphasize praying and I pray that he strengthens us even at our weakest point.
    Lastly, thanks Jules for always lifting our heart with God’s word for us.

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  2. What God cannot do does not exist. Very true only prayers could have done this. Please my special family, please marry right. You will celebrate forever. More more grace and anointing my dear daughter. God bless you richly.

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  3. We cannot over emphasize the power of prayers. May God grant us all understanding In Jesus Name. Still remember that night like it was yesterday and I don’t even want to think of what would have happened if we had not prayed .

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