Why Have a Mentor?

Sometimes life gets so overwhelming and downright confusing and it’s not like you can’t hear God, it’s just that you probably won’t.

Two years ago I had to make a crucial, life altering decision and I was smack in the face with confusion. I couldn’t afford to get it wrong and I had too many conflicting voices around me.

I decided to take a few days away to retreat. I needed clarity and peace. After the allotted days, I got back more angry and confused than I went. Thankfully, I went over to my mentor’s and we talked. She talked, I listened after venting my frustrations.

Through that conversation, several lights came on for me. She was able to detect by discernment and the voice of experience that even though God had met me at the retreat, I had been too focused on how I wanted to be encountered that I missed Him.

After that conversation, I had a humble talk with God and amazingly, He reminded me of the things He had said to me and showed me the ways He had shown up at the retreat.

It was a surreal experience for me and it reinforced in my heart the need to have God ordained mentors over my life. They’ve seen and been in places and situations I’ve only dreamed of.

This is of course one and maybe the most important reason – That your mentors point you to God all the time because whether you know it or not, life cannot be truly lived without God.

8 thoughts on “Why Have a Mentor?

  1. Very true. Mentors are important in our lives. Just as Jesus is important more in our lives. More grace and anointing my dear daughter. You are going places In Jesus name.

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