The older I get, the more I understand that the concept of, ‘be not unequally yoked’ applies to us even today. Maybe, even more today because these are the last days. A few years ago when my sisters and I were just teenagers, something happened. Something I hadn’t thought about in years but the Holy […]

Why Have a Mentor?

Sometimes life gets so overwhelming and downright confusing and it’s not like you can’t hear God, it’s just that you probably won’t. Two years ago I had to make a crucial, life altering decision and I was smack in the face with confusion. I couldn’t afford to get it wrong and I had too many […]

Searching For Crumbs.

I had been a blind beggar for so long. So much time had passed that I didn’t recognise a full, proper meal from ordinary, sometimes tasteless crumbs. Even today I don’t know for sure the reason I fed on crumbs. It was never altogether appealing, neither was it satisfying but in a sad and twisted […]