Daddy’s Always Home!

My childhood was one of the highlights of my life.

I didn’t know many things as you can probably imagine but one thing was certain – I could usually count on my dad’s presence. I never had to worry about my dad being present. He was the most present father a child could ask for.

As I grew up, it became a model for the life I came to believe in effortlessly. Well, eventually. I wasn’t always a believer in this truth. Here’s the story:

There are things there’s no point in explaining. How do you explain jealousy, especially from a child?

She had such black, beautiful, soft hair. I would run my hands through and just wish for the day it would be mine. I wanted her hair but I couldn’t have it. My own hair just didn’t seem to be cooperating.

One day, I had taken enough. I sneaked a pair of scissors into my school bag, persuaded her to sit for a fun hair making session and just snipped at her hair haphazardly.

This action would mark the beginning of many seasons of a wicked and selfish lifestyle.

In time I didn’t like the person that looked back at me in the mirror but I had no idea how to fix her.

After a while I heard about how God could literally clean a person’s slate and give them a new start but it felt too good to be true. And to be honest, I was ashamed so I tried to clean up my acts first.

After coming full circle without a change, I sat at home depressed and suicidal and in complete desperation, I finally cried out to God for help. I couldn’t take another second.

In that brief moment, I felt the overwhelming presence of His peace and I knew I was forgiven. Just like that!

In the coming months I learned two things that have changed my life.

First, Daddy is always at home. We’re the ones with the tendency to walk away. God never leaves and so, whenever you find your way back, He’ll be at the door waiting to embrace you. Always!

Second, you don’t clean up and go to God. You go to God to get cleaned up. Always!

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