Just Come!

“As we close let’s not forget our Father’s most important call. He says ‘come, let us reason together.’ Pay heed to the fact that you can answer this call anywhere.”

Cassie wished the Preacher would stop filling the parishioners’ heads with lies each week. She cringed each Sunday at benediction. It was the same thing over and over but Cassie knew that God wasn’t trying to reason with any human. Do wrong and you would get the proper punishment, no questions asked.

Cassie didn’t like God much but she didn’t dare hate him. She was a school teacher and she dutifully taught the students about God and good manners. She kept her belief to herself as she had learned parents didn’t appreciate such a handout.

Cassie didn’t hang out with church folk like so many people her age. The truth was all too clear to her and she knew they would figure her out and try to convince her otherwise.

She wouldn’t even attend church if she felt sure God wouldn’t notice.

It was Wednesday, brunch hour and the kids were all over the playground, engaged in different activities. Cassie was just relieved to have a few minutes of respite.

Well until she heard the scream.

Cassie dashed outside in split seconds. She had no idea what was going on, only the soft pleading voices of the kids kept her walking forward.

“Come on Stacy. You have to get up and show Miss Cassie. You are hurt bad.” Cassie identified Mimi’s voice.

Whimpering, Stacy whispered, “I can’t. She’s going to punish me. I wasn’t supposed to play in that swing. She’s going to punish me.”

Unable to take that, Cassie strode to where they were huddled. She had to hold back a gasp upon seeing Stacy. The girl had blood halfway through her uniform. Cassie ignored Stacy’s look of fear and lifted the girl with the mind to take her to the clinic.

“I’m sorry Miss Cassie. Please don’t punish me.”

Cassie halted, heartbreaking, and assured Stacy everything was going to be alright.

Stacy was going to be okay but Cassie wasn’t sure about herself. She couldn’t think what she could have done to instill such fear in the little girl.

Cassie got home but couldn’t do much. She kept playing back Stacy’s words.

“And who does she sound like Cass?” Cassie heard the still voice she had ignored all her life.

She sat up puzzled. “Is that what’s troubling me?”

“Answer the question, Cassie.” The Voice was relentless.

“She sounds… she sounds a great deal like me,” Cassie said in true wonder.

It had seemed right all this time but Cassie suddenly saw how wrong it all was.

God could squash her if he wanted to. He didn’t want to. God didn’t need to wait for her to do anything wrong, she was already conceived in sin. If that wasn’t enough, her thoughts about God had been deserving of punishment.

Cassie was completely broken by this realization. “Why Lord? Why wouldn’t you squash me?”

She heard the voice as clear as the dawn, “I love you, Cassie. I know that you are frail. All I want is your heart. I will help you change your habits. All I’ve ever asked of you is that you come. Just as you are.”

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