I messed up! Is it really over?

How do I deal with messing up God’s plan for me or missing out on His plan? What happens when God told you clearly that, ‘Before I formed you in the womb, I knew all about you. Before you saw the light of day, I had holy plans for you: A prophet to the nations […]

Faith Protest!

It’s truly amazing how a peaceful, unifying action became destructive, fearful, and a matter of national emergency in the space of a few days. It has come to some as a surprise, others a keen disappointment. To the spiritually discerning, sad, and heartbreaking as all this is, it has never been more true as now […]

Forgiven Ultimately!

It’s storytime y’all. I usually tell stories because they’re not only interesting, they’re also very relatable when told truthfully and concisely. I was sick last week. Very sick. Now, this isn’t exactly news to a lot of people because it’s a part of the life experience. Well, it came to me as a rude shock. […]

Just Come!

“As we close let’s not forget our Father’s most important call. He says ‘come, let us reason together.’ Pay heed to the fact that you can answer this call anywhere.” Cassie wished the Preacher would stop filling the parishioners’ heads with lies each week. She cringed each Sunday at benediction. It was the same thing […]


The clock kept ticking. Each stroke brought pain to Adanna’s heart. It was 5:30 pm. In thirty minutes she would get off work and face the sad reality. She refused to think about it. She closed her eyes, hoping against hope. “We’ve got thirty minutes Lord.” At 6 pm the bell jingled. It was close […]