It was the red Nissan Rogue that first caught Lisa’s attention. Such a sophisticated vehicle was not at all common in the complex she lived in. It’s not that they were destitute, it was more like owning such complexity was considered a luxury. Folks embraced simplicity only because it was all they could afford.

The car parked a little away from the house where Lisa lived with her grandmother. Lisa should have been busy dusting but she was so caught up in the legs that seemed to go on forever. It was like being in a slow-motion movie, time stopped.

He was ruggedly handsome, tall with an athletic build. He had such intense eyes. Lisa was struck by the realization that he was right in front of her, an amused smile sitting on his face. She felt the flush on her face.

“Oh it’s great you’re early Christopher. Come right in.” Grandma Nella gestured with her hand behind Lisa.

Chris moved a little hesitantly into the house. Lisa saw them settle on the tired sofa. Even knowing it was wrong, Lisa couldn’t help but be drawn into the quiet conversation.

Chris explained in mild tones his struggle with porn and drugs. It wasn’t like he hadn’t gotten treatments, he had been in some of the finest rehab centers in the city. He was a star athlete and he had seen so many others go down because of their addiction. He was so afraid that sooner than later he would be on that statistics, the problem was he was too addicted to his sin. Someone had told him Grandma Nella had the answers so he had called ahead. He assured her he was willing to pay anything to get help.

Lisa saw Grandma smile sadly and put her wrinkled fingers on Christopher’s trembling hands. “Chris dear, you are not beyond redemption. You know what you need but haven’t tried?”

Chris shook his head, no.

“Chris my boy, the answer you seek is in Jesus.”

Chris laughed hysterically. Grandma smiled again sadly. “I’m not surprised about your reaction Chris but I will be praying that you see.

Chris stood, now chuckling. “Sure, Grandma Nella. Do tell Jesus I stopped by.” He laughed again and walked out of the house.

He didn’t give Lisa another look but walked past quickly.

Lisa went in and found her grandmother praying. She sat beside her and waited. “Is he going to be okay grandma?” Lisa asked once she had grandma’s attention.

Grandma Nella smiled wistfully, “Lisa dear, God puts His truth in our hands, and then it’s up to us. Keep conforming… Or be transformed. The good news is God never gives up on us.”

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