A few weeks ago I had an experience that reinforced a lesson I had learned theoretically. Now I was to have an understanding.

I was at my mentor’s home and a friend and I went to the market to get some stuff for dinner. She probably would have prepared the meal except she had to be somewhere else.

So I went home and decided to take the bull by the horns. After all it was just egusi.

Now egusi was the first soup my mum taught me to cook and although it had been awhile cause my sister cooks everything I eat, I felt more than confident I could handle it.

So as I put pot to cooker, I whispered a prayer of help that was more religious than the actual plea I was gunning for. The thing is I was too confident in my abilities to really need Divine support.

Y’all that was about the worst meal I made ever. I ended up serving a hot mess of what looked a lot like pepper soup cause of the water in it and the taste, I’ll rather not even delve into.

I panicked. So I was like Lord be merciful to me. And He was. Somehow the hot mess didn’t seem that bad to the lovely people who partook of the disaster that was egusi and eba.

I was speaking to my mentor about something else entirely last weekend and she made a profound statement that gave me clarity and I hope you get it to. She said,

‘When you ask for help and the strength of God meets with your strength, it backs away. God’s strength only works where there’s weakness. God will never compete with you.’

I understood.

It was real life and it hit home. God was telling me in essence that humility was part of the package. I couldn’t be strong and still expect his grace. I had to be weak, be vulnerable, be totally dependent on Him to experience divine strength for only when I’m weak am I truly strong.

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