“He does talk, you know?” Sharon was speaking to her mum, telling of her frustration about not knowing for sure whether she was supposed to go ahead and take the job or not. It seemed like a big decision and she wanted to do the right thing. Her mum looked at her for a few […]


It was the red Nissan Rogue that first caught Lisa’s attention. Such a sophisticated vehicle was not at all common in the complex she lived in. It’s not that they were destitute, it was more like owning such complexity was considered a luxury. Folks embraced simplicity only because it was all they could afford. The […]


A few weeks ago I had an experience that reinforced a lesson I had learned theoretically. Now I was to have an understanding. I was at my mentor’s home and a friend and I went to the market to get some stuff for dinner. She probably would have prepared the meal except she had to […]