Little Oil Jar!

It wasn’t quite dawn but the old man was awake. It had become customary for him to lay awake in the wee hours of the morning talking to Olodumare. The wailing could be heard several houses away. The old man had experienced many things but nothing so heartbreaking as this. He moved his feeble feet […]

Social Distancing with Light or Nay?

Sammy heard such sad, pitiful whimpering. She had been about to take the next exit. God had been merciful to her and disarmed Dan completely. She wasn’t about to take chances. She had done a roundabout turn when she heard Dan’s pitiful cries. She didn’t have to ask. She knew in her heart that somehow […]

Social Distancing with Darkness!

We rode on for a few more minutes until I saw a turning off the highway. I sat completely still trying to think of what to do. I knew I had alerted Dan that I knew something was wrong and I was very scared. I started to pray like Karen’s mum taught us, “God please […]

Social Distancing with Sex!

‘The seed of a sexual encounter always produces the fruit of long suffering.’ I’m almost certain I was just about 13 years old when I heard Karen’s mum say this to us girls. Karen’s family was the Jesus kind. It’s weird to say that because my family was also the church going kind of folk. […]