Personal Triumph!

I sat in stunned silence. My life was not supposed to go all the way down hill. And it was spiraling out of control quickly. I lost my little girl shortly after giving birth to her. I didn’t want to live but I couldn’t get away from the grief. It all seemed meaningless. Anencephaly, the […]


“The grace of God has appeared to all men, teaching them to say no to ungodliness.” “That’s all I heard while I was asleep. What does it mean Judy?” Sam had been out of coma for three days and these were his first words. Of course the nurses rushed to get the doctors. No one […]


God, I fell short again. “I’m not coming back again. Deep down I know this is the last straw. I have struggled with this feeling of inadequacy for so long. I get up each day and fight it but someone or something reminds me of how low I feel. It’s in subtle statements, it’s in […]

This Time Around!

I was free. Right there in my prison cell, I was free. Mike would scream and yell but he could not intimidate me any longer. I was no longer afraid. I knew I had something on the inside that was so much more powerful than my outward circumstance. Everyday I waited for the final blow […]