I’m Nigerian but that’s not all I am.

You’re Hispanic but that’s not all you are.

You’re Asian but that’s not all there is to you.

You’re American, whether Black or White but that’s not all your identity.

You’re Canadian but there’s so much more to who you are.

Ever since this whole racial discrimination became all the more pronounced over the past few weeks, I had just one prayer.

Now I know there’s been social media posts and peaceful demonstrations and all sorts of things happening and that’s okay.

Still I’m reminded that in a time when our world is crazy, we have an anchor that keeps the soul steadfast and sure.

As individuals, as a family, a community and as nations come together to stand as one, our first response should be prayer.

You know why?

It’s because whether you know it or not, there’s a picture in heaven of how our world should be.

Funny thing is I didn’t know this last week but as I prayed since I got wind of George Floyd’s execution, Uwa’s rape and the young lady Tina who was shot by an officer of the law, my prayer was just one thing:

“That Lord as it is in Heaven, so let it be on the earth”

I just kept praying that simple prayer and God spoke to me because God speaks when you pray. While listening to a message, the Pastor shared this scripture in Revelation chapter 7 verse 9:

After this I looked, and behold a great multitude that no one could number, from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages, standing before the throne and before the Lamb, clothed in white robes, with palm branches in their hands.

He opened my eyes to that scripture and told me, ‘I’m hurting as a result of everything that is going on right now because I made them with their diversities and all. They’re not just people of different race and tribe. They’re my sons and daughters who I made in my image. I love them and I have a plan for them. So could you stand in your place and pray that as it is in Heaven, so let it on the earth?’

Well I invite you to join me in praying that prayer.

Whatever we bind on earth is bound in heaven and whatever we release on the earth has to stand.

As we go about our lives, let’s take the time to decree that God’s will and purpose will prevail on the earth. Let’s push back the kingdom of darkness with the light and power of God’s kingdom.

Y’all it’s time. The light shines brightly when the darkness is at its thickest.

The lights shines in the darkness and the darkness cannot overcome it. That’s John 1:5 y’all.

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