We were studying Auxiliary verbs one morning in high school when Mrs Cole stopped midway with a smile.

It was puzzling until she said, ‘I love teaching you guys. I also love being married and having kids. But you know what I would have done differently if I could go back in time?’

We shook our heads, the entire class transfixed with curiosity.

‘Well of course I would have gotten married to the man I did and yes, I would still be a teacher.’

‘What I wouldn’t have done, she continued, is get into romantic relationship at the time I did. I didn’t get to discover the true person on the inside while I was single. You know guys, it’s pretty tough to do while married and carrying another’s responsibility as well as your own.’

I was just in high school then but I soon married and understood the implication of Mrs Cole’s words. Too bad I didn’t take it to heart then.

Once I got into college, I just felt I was ready. I was single and ready to mingle. That was the language of culture. Who even remembered some abstract story from long ago English class?

What I didn’t understand as a college student and again as a young woman in the corporate world was that God intentionally created a season called, wait for the curse word; Singleness.

Rather than being a curse or a burden, your period of singleness was created to be a time to get in sync with your maker who is God and get to know the amazing person with the unique gifts and purpose He’s formed in you.

Your singleness isn’t a horrible thing or a bad disease.

It’s a time of discovery, a time to build solid friendships. A time to build your strengths and work on your weaknesses. A moment of redefinition.

I assure you that if you maximize this season, whether or not you do get married, you would live a rich and full life because you will be doing the thing you were created to do!

Single and ready to mingle will be overrated and regretted if you do not maximize your season of singleness.

Listen to me; It’s okay to not be in a romantic relationship right now.

There’s a season for every activity under Heaven.

Now is your time. Invest in relationship with God and yourself. The long term pay off is more than worth it.

13 thoughts on “SINGLE, READY TO MINGLE!

  1. So good! I honestly pray we make good use of our single period, refining our relationship with God and seeking Him to find out what He created us for.

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