Growing up I heard tales of bad governance and terrible leadership in a country that did not value the lives of her citizens.

As I grew older I saw instead one man in a lowly position cheating his fellow man in the same position.

I started to think that no, we must be our problem. Each self seeking citizen unconcerned about his neighbor at the grass-root must be the disease eating deep.

In recent time I heard my mentor say that the quality of life he led spiritually ultimately determines the spiritual state of the flock God assigned him. If he wasn’t growing, he had nothing to feed the people. Besides that, his spiritual growth or lack of would have a ripple effect on his people.

It got me thinking.

Yesterday moving from Maryland to Ikorodu was quite the task. I stood at the BRT terminal for almost two hours before the first bus came. I had started to give up. Of course due to my position on the queue I didn’t get into that bus.

The 40 seater bus carries just twenty people due to the safety restrictions which is quite ridiculous seeing that there’s no social distancing on the queue.

Anyway yesterday when the first bus came around 5pm, the bus filled to capacity because the irregularity of the buses couldn’t cater for the crowd at the terminal.

Fortunately for me I got into the second bus at 5:20pm. At the time I got into the bus, there were still tons of people on the queue and the BRT service was scheduled to close by 6pm without catering to the transportation needs of her citizens.

There were a few private vehicles going the same direction that people could have taken. The sad thing was these private individuals were calling a price that was more than double the actual rate. The few that were not as high were still more than the actual price and rushed by desperate citizens needing to get home before the 8pm curfew.

So yeah it’s true that individuals are willing to exploit situations and people and that is sad. The real problem though is that we do not have a model in our leaders.

We have so many buses in Lagos. We have a problem of management. There should be buses assigned to each terminal and we can build the system so there’s even timing such that you know when the next bus will be available.

We are a great country with an abundance in natural resources and people. We are the smartest people and whenever we go outside Nigeria, we always shine. We also have a model in other developed nations. If they can, we can too!

We need leaders that are passionate about the people not ones that are more concerned about their pockets.

We need leaders that take the initiative to institute change.

We need leaders that will stand at the front lines defending the rights of her citizens.

We need leaders that will be a model to her citizens and even the leaders yet unborn.

We need a stable leadership that we can trust.

8 thoughts on “AT RISK WITHOUT A MODEL!

  1. Very true dear. We need God to touch all our leaders for better tomorrow. And the in coming once. We will get there by the grace of God. Mum j

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    1. Thank you mum. Though we don’t have a model in our leaders. We have the perfect model in Jesus who was and is a great leader. It’s time to step out of the mold and become the model to the coming generation.


  2. Thanks Jules.
    People make places; those individuals that cheat their fellow lowly men are the same people that become leaders. They can only replicate same.

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