Praise wanted to know who makes all the evil stuff happen.

A few days later I read about a little boy who lost his mum to cancer even after he had asked Jesus to heal her. Not long after his mum died, he and his sister were put in different foster homes. So he grew up alone and mad at God.

It bothered me to no end.

I struggled so much thinking about all the bad things that God could avert and why he wouldn’t. I asked him a lot of questions. I know He’s good but I wanted to understand if I could.

I understand the reason for the darkness and the evil of course. When the devil is prince of this world, you can expect nothing less. My problem was in trying to understand why God would let it happen at all.

The more I pondered on it, I realized that at some point in history, God was so regretful that he had made man because every inclination of his heart was evil.

I quickly saw that God was the amazing one in this story. He is Holy and hates sin, still he continues to behold evil everyday. He patiently puts up with us hoping that we’ll find our way back to him.

While someone is being raped in Africa, armed robbery is going on in Asia and there’s a conspiracy in Europe. And that’s just three cases and there are over eight billion people on earth in seven continents.

Still God is in control of everything and He’ll use even our mess-ups.

Then He led me to John 16:33. We’re assured that there will be suffering in this world but God says to be courageous through it because he has overcome the world. 1 John 4:4 says the greater one lives inside of us and in chapter 5:4, it says that whatever is born of God overcomes the world.

So bad things will happen and God is sovereign so he can choose to allow or prevent it because he sees the big picture but we can be confident knowing that all things will work together for our good. Romans 8:28.

Many times we don’t see God because we’re looking at all the ways he didn’t come through and failing to see the ways he’s been solid and how he’s provided and walked us through the hard things. It’s all about perspective. You’re either gonna see God’s faithfulness even when his answer isn’t really in sync with your desires or you’ll see him as unfaithful and a disappointment.

The truth remains that God is good and faithful whether or not we acknowledge it, and we can know assuredly that no matter what life throws at us, The Greater One lives in us and we have already overcome.

16 thoughts on “WHY NOT STEP IN GOD?!

  1. Yes, God is good. And He’s the creator of the whole universe. And its controller too. So, nothing goes on therein without his knowledge and approval. The greatest book on this subject, the book of Job in the Old Testament, makes that clear. “Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him.
    Even so, I will defend my own ways before Him” (Job 13:15)

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    1. Thank you very much for this Sola. It’s a good reminder that though the devil is prince of this world, God is his creator too and He controls everything. Nothing escapes his notice. We can live confidently.


  2. Weather we agreed or not, God remains God, he is too good and great to lie over things., because he can answer all prayers. Like Daniel will say, if he answered or not remains God. J. Well done dear, you are going places Ijn. Mum j

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