I’m so sorry you’ve let society, environmental and social pressure erase the true definition of your identity and named you after a counterfeit.

You’ve become the second best of who you really are.

Like Nigerian naira, you’ve allowed life devalue you and equate you to no good.

Everyone that was supposed to love and cherish you abused and ripped the trust out of you. Now all you have are scars and broken promises.

Words no longer mean anything because although they said sweet nothings, their actions tore the life out of you.

You wanted to give up so many times but they wouldn’t let you, not because they loved you but because they enjoyed watching you crawl in your misery.

Now all you have are the words of an old book. They seem powerful and they speak to the injured places of your heart but it’s hard to believe anything. There has been too much lies already. How can an old book give a second chance?

So you settled. You became what they wanted. You knew you couldn’t give anything anymore but what choice did they leave you?

What you don’t know is who you are.

You are the very heartbeat of God.

You are an extension of Him.

He created you and called you by name.

There’s no one with your thumbprint; He did that to let you know you are unique.

He never meant for you to settle.

He calls you Chosen, Royalty, The Apple of His Eyes and His Masterpiece.

He didn’t just make you. He endowed you with the ability to take hold with him on earth. He created you with a purpose and empowered you to make your mark on the earth.

He didn’t have ordinary or second best, pathetic or counterfeit in mind when He adorned you. You are the first of your kind.

You were made in his image, bearing his likeness and He desires the world will see your light shining brighter than the sun and be directed straight to Him.

So grab a copy of that old book. It’s called the Bible. Start reading cause it has the blueprint for your life and everything in there is all true.

14 thoughts on “FOR YOU TODAY!

  1. Very true dears, the devil does not want any body to read the bible so as not to get the truth for it. We just need to make up our mind and be determined. Thanks j. More of God ‘s wisdom. Mum j.

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