After all is said and done, are we truly happy?

It’s so easy to shove that question aside amidst our so many imposed schedules and activities.

It’s quite natural to bury the thought in our daily pursuit of wealth and fame.

Our desire for success, no matter that we cannot define what it is, is the fuel that drives us to go incredible lengths.

Some people though, numb their dissatisfactions in other people through meaningless relationships.

The pursuit of things, the desire for success and the need to walk alongside someone aren’t bad things in themselves. Still, when they take precedence over the really important things, it becomes a problem.

A friend told me recently that he wants to make a lot of money and I asked him why. The question completely threw him off but eventually he saw the need for it. Right now, it’s so evident that the things we thought were truly important pale in comparison to a pandemic that has forced some of us to ask the hard questions.

What is really important and what am I living for?

What I’ve since learned is when you submit to God, He takes you through a process depending on what he wants to achieve in you.

What I’ve found is, it’s not always an easy process.

It might have so many twists and turns but God makes the way of the righteous smooth.

You will find incredible joy and peace when you walk with God.

I can assure you that it won’t always make any sense but if it’s God, it will serve a purpose.

He will give you a purpose and a legacy that outlives you.

You will have great joy and more than that, He’ll give you wealth, fame and someone wonderful, fit for purpose to walk alongside you. Of course, not everyone will be married but whatever happens, if your anchor is Jesus, your life will be rich and meaningful even in the midst of a pandemic.

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