I’m still pretty young and by God’s grace I have more life to live.

Still I can’t help but look back at the last few years and my life today. Know what? I think, so far so good. I’m turning out really great.

No, I’m not perfect but I’m progressing and that’s what truly matters. Know what else? I didn’t just arrive here and I did get plenty help.

I finally watched the movie, Conqueror directed by Alex Kendrick, also the co-director of War Room with his brother, Stephen Kendrick. Every father needs to see that movie. Every young man needs to see that movie and everyone should as well.

No, this is not an ad for the movie neither is it a movie review. I just can’t help but agree with the theme of that movie.

My dad was the most solid guy I knew while growing up. He was always available for my sisters and I. I grew up knowing that God was the first person you talked with each morning. We would have devotions as a family and my dad would teach us to memorize scriptures. He was also good with spanking us, he didn’t take our misbehavior lightly so we learned early that a rotten attitude was unacceptable.

I’m learning the importance of having a dad who knows the right way and leads the family in it. A man who knows he’s measured by grace and sets the right standard for his home. Such a Dad is priceless.

It could have turned out bad for me but my vices didn’t stand a chance. My dad taught me about walking with Jesus on my journey and I learned about grace and forgiveness. I never have to walk alone even if I have to stand alone.

God loves every little girl and boy out there so he set up a system where fathers and mothers can be nurturers. Dad’s, you can’t afford to let go of the wheel. You can never let go of the wheel; your home depends on your grabbing hold of the wheel. And all the wisdom you need is found in God’s word. He’s promised that you never have to walk alone.

For those of you whose fathers let go of the wheel, it’s not over and done. You have the Father of fathers as your Dad. He loves you and he’ll never let go of the wheel. You never will walk alone if you let him into your life and your space. He wants to walk with you even farther than your earthly dad can. He promises to be with you all the way. That’s an offer you shouldn’t pass up.

Major shout out to all the Dad’s walking the straight and narrow. Yes We Can!

11 thoughts on “THE WHEEL!

  1. Thanks for this Jules.

    Pls Highlight the last paragraph for dads who have let go of the wheel cos some of us daughters forget that they are only human and We’ve still got God. 🤗🤗🤗


  2. I bless God for you and your sisters, I am so happy u no Jesus Christ and that u have accepted him fully.and your sisters. I am not afraid because you are in good hands, I trust you guys and believe in you. And I no by the grace of God you will make it to God s kingdom. love you girls and I am also proud of you.just continue in the lord with out any compromise.well done daughter. Mummy j.

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