Someone made a comment in a previous post that really caught my attention. It did because it’s a truth that I’ve come to live by.

Growing up, people would often ask me when I would get into a relationship and my answer was always the same, ‘When I’m ready to get married.’

Of course they didn’t know what to do with that response. It didn’t seem feasible or reasonable to not have been involved with someone much earlier than that. I honestly didn’t know as well where I got that mindset. I just knew I wasn’t ready to jump in and out of relationships. I also really didn’t see the point in dating someone forever when I just wasn’t ready to commit to marriage.

These days they ask me why I’m not in a relationship and my response has changed somewhat. Now I simply say, ‘it’s not the right season.’

I think I’ve succeeded in confusing folks because then they ask, what do you mean?

In a previous post, Mrs Tosan talked about how people get a word from God and run with it and then start to struggle and they wonder why.

Here’s why,

It’s because even God works with seasons. So the fact that God told you something doesn’t mean it’s supposed to happen right in that moment. You must be able to ask God when?

Many people are under pressure trying to bring some word to pass. Well that’s not your job. Your job is to be aligned with the Holy Spirit and his plan for your life.

God’s word must come to pass and of course you have a role to play in that happening.

Your job isn’t to run ahead of God or be slow. Your job is to be aligned by consistently staying in prayers and the word of God, yielding to his instructions and enjoying every season because He’s building your capacity.

So while I know I’m gonna get married and have an amazing home and family, it’s not right now and I’m content with that, knowing that when I get into that season, I’ll be ready and mature.

Don’t be hasty. God is wise and if he works with seasons, just align. It’s all for your good.

12 thoughts on “SEASONS!!!

  1. Beautifully written Jules.

    I choose to enjoy the season I am in and choose to trust him to lead me into the next season as he wills. Glowry!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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