‘God has no favorites!’

I grew up hearing this statement and then today while we were talking, my sister said, ‘God isn’t like earthly parents who have favorite kids. He loves all of us deeply.’

Then she said something quite remarkable. It actually echoed what my mentor said to me recently. It talked of how it seemed that despite the fact that God played no favorites, he treats some people differently. Some people seem to actually enjoy some rare privileges.

Haven’t you ever wondered that some people live so effortlessly the life you’ve only dreamed of? Could it be that we’re being tricked? Maybe God does in fact have favorites?

You know God did say, ‘I will so distinguish my people from the world.’

God meant for folks to see you and know that you belong to someone high up. That’s his intention.

So why do some experience that while others don’t?

It’s actually simple.

Some of us have boxed God in a corner. We determine how he moves and to what degree he moves. And God would never do beyond your perception of him.

The folks you admire and want to be like have learned a simple lesson: They’ve learned how to be open and yielded. They’re not the boss, they’ve discovered that they’re not so good at doing God’s job so they let him handle it. They do their part, be open and yielded and God does all the fancy things you see happen in their lives.

The good news is, that can be your life too. Well, once you unhook God from the box you put him and let him do His job while you do yours: Be open and yielded.

10 thoughts on “I’M A FAVORITE!!!

  1. Hmmm. very true dear God does not have a favourite, we should all allow God to take charge and we do his will and obey him God will give us more understanding ijn. Well done j , you are going places. Mum j.

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