Hi, I’m so sorry you’ve let society, environmental and social pressure erase the true definition of your identity and named you after a counterfeit. You’ve become the second best of who you really are. Like Nigerian naira, you’ve allowed life devalue you and equate you to no good. Everyone that was supposed to love and […]


After all is said and done, are we truly happy? It’s so easy to shove that question aside amidst our so many imposed schedules and activities. It’s quite natural to bury the thought in our daily pursuit of wealth and fame. Our desire for success, no matter that we cannot define what it is, is […]


I’m still pretty young and by God’s grace I have more life to live. Still I can’t help but look back at the last few years and my life today. Know what? I think, so far so good. I’m turning out really great. No, I’m not perfect but I’m progressing and that’s what truly matters. […]


Someone made a comment in a previous post that really caught my attention. It did because it’s a truth that I’ve come to live by. Growing up, people would often ask me when I would get into a relationship and my answer was always the same, ‘When I’m ready to get married.’ Of course they […]


‘God has no favorites!’ I grew up hearing this statement and then today while we were talking, my sister said, ‘God isn’t like earthly parents who have favorite kids. He loves all of us deeply.’ Then she said something quite remarkable. It actually echoed what my mentor said to me recently. It talked of how […]