No, you’re not. I’ve been alone for as long as I can remember.

Where were you when I lost my mama? When I called out to you in my misery? When my father was so broken that he couldn’t see past his grief to his little girl who was wounded and needed to understand the meaningless loss of life, where were you?

Where were you when I got bullied by all those guys at school? The ones who felt I was beneath them because I didn’t wear the fancy clothes my single father couldn’t afford?

Please tell me where you were when I was broken up, so shattered that I couldn’t see past my tears? Where were you when I called out for help and relief?

I remember that time when the days felt so long and drawn out, the seasons when I was cold and alone, the nights when all I had for company were the tears on my pillow, where were you?

That time when I was thrown out of school because I had piles of bills left unpaid and I felt so ashamed that I couldn’t step out of the house for fear that someone would discover and feel sorry for me, where were you?

I could name time and season when I reached out for you but you weren’t there.

I could close my eyes and summon pictures and stashed memories of the countless times I longed for meaning, understanding or just succor but nothing was found.

I learned to cater for myself. I learned to be my own boss because when I needed you, I could never find you.

And now in the midst of this pandemic, where are you?

I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS! I’ve always been there. I always will be with you! And I know you haven’t felt like I was with you in all of those times and seasons. But I’m the reason you’re still here. I’m the reason you’re still standing.

I’m the one holding you up. I’ve been your source. Even though you haven’t acknowledged me, I stand with you always waiting and watching over you.

Remember my promise in Matthew 28:20?


Well that word isn’t about to change. My word will always accomplish the purpose I sent it out.

So whether you feel me or not, you can be assured that whatever season you are, I promised that I’ll be with you always.

That promise stands!

10 thoughts on “I AM WITH YOU!

  1. Beautiful post, Jules! I used to ask Him the same question when I was being bullied in school. I also asked Him that during my darkest times. Then I realized that those bad times didn’t last.

    Thank you for the wonderful article! Very uplifting! And very powerful!

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    1. Hi Cherie. I love it when people share their pain and struggles so transparently and unashamedly. It gives the rest of us hope. So thank you. And you’re right. The dark times never last. God is faithful.

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  2. I’m sure every true Christian at one point or the other in our various lives we’ve had cause to question if God is really seeing all we are going through. Most especially, those periods we had to deal with some overwhelming situations and we need nothing more than for him to come through for us but he seems not to be found. But of course, this is when our trust in God is truly tested and if we would still keep loving and trusting him despite whatever we might be faced while he is there watching us. But through it all, his grace will always be sufficient for us.

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  3. Hmmm..
    This is what I call deep..
    I really hope we can be reminded of his words daily because he has always been with us. I don’t even want to imagine life without God…
    Thank you so much Jules for the reminder. God has always been with us and will always be.

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