To the lady,

I write this to you because I’m your sister, your friend and I understand.

I understand your neediness and your desire for approval because I feel it to.

I understand your yearnings and the emptiness of trying to find something or someone to fill the vacuum.

I understand the pain of being misunderstood sometimes even from within.

I understand the desire for the things you seek, your aspirations and the unfulfilled dreams.

I understand the fight for equality and the need to matter.

I understand that you want affirmation for the things you’ve done.

I understand that you want companionship and a love that lasts forever.

To the lady,

I understand.

From one sister to another,

Don’t despise your desires and don’t embrace the company that devalues you.

To the lady,

You’re beautiful and you’re the King’s daughter.

Find your Dad and seek his kingdom, only then will you know yourself and be true to who you are.

To the lady,

You’re precious. Your Dad calls you the apple of his eyes. The one in whom his heart longs for in fellowship.

Don’t you settle.

A man will never be able to fill up the vacuum or satisfy the longings. Only your Lord can do that. Seek Him.

When you’ve found your Lord and your identity, then he’ll give you his son, a prince to walk alongside you in life to fulfill the purpose He’s called you both to accomplish.

To the lady,

I wish I could ingrain into your mind the utter wastefulness of seeking completeness in another human being, accomplishment or career. Rather than give reprieve, they drain you.

You’re loved by a creator who formed you and knows every piece of you. He understands you completely. He knows your needs. He chose you and continues to choose you, flaws and all.

He longs to listen to you and give you the kind of understanding you seek. He wants to clothe you and heal the broken pieces of you. He sees you the way you long to be noticed and he accepts you, crazy girl that you are. He calls you his own.

To the lady,

Don’t pass this up. You are but only because He is.

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