Will You Trust Me?

I think about the Israelites escape from slavery and it’s an intriguing story.

I know we remember these folks as the Faithless bunch and they did have seasons of doubt.

Yet I wonder. It must have taken real faith to cross to the other side. I was talking to someone recently and she said, ‘If I was in that camp, I’ll probably have frustrated Moses and a few others cause I won’t have been able to cross that sea. Just seeing the high body of water on either side would have halted me.’

I smiled. It made me realize that sometimes even God’s provisions require faith to take hold of.

The statement she made painted a picture in my mind that was so clear for a few seconds. I imagined the Israelites walking in between high waters and God in his throne visibly holding the waters apart. Then comes Michael, the arch angel, declaring to God that an emergency had occurred that needed the Lord’s swift attention. I imagined God taking a second to consider what Michael had said. In that split second when His attention is diverted, I imagined the Israelites perishing as the parted waters come back together. And another angel screaming to get God’s attention back on the earth where his people were already drowning in the high waters and from absolute shock.

Hahaha. That didn’t happen, did it? We remember the Israelites rescued by God’s outstretched arm and their enemies perishing before them.

I heard Mike Todd say last week that God has never said, ‘Oh My, I just had this thought. This just occurred to me. My, why didn’t I think of that before?’

God has never had that thought hence his thoughts are never ours.

God thinks about everything, considers everything. He’s not out of ideas for your future. He’s in sync with you, He loves you and He has great plans for your life.

Now He’s asking, “Will you trust me?”

I’ve been through many seasons of disappointments, heartbreaks and disillusionments and every time I’ve had to ask myself, ‘Yes I don’t understand and this doesn’t make any sense but will I trust Him?’

Through many seasons I’ve seen that even through the hard times, God has a plan and his plan always comes to pass.

So will you trust Him?

Notice I didn’t ask, ‘Can you trust Him?’

No, I can’t ask that because throughout history, God has proven time and again that He can be trusted. He has a track record of faithfulness.

Rather than struggle through pain, depression, discouragement, ill health, poverty, tragedy and loss, ‘Will you trust God?’

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