I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS! No, you’re not. I’ve been alone for as long as I can remember. Where were you when I lost my mama? When I called out to you in my misery? When my father was so broken that he couldn’t see past his grief to his little girl who was wounded […]


To the lady, I write this to you because I’m your sister, your friend and I understand. I understand your neediness and your desire for approval because I feel it to. I understand your yearnings and the emptiness of trying to find something or someone to fill the vacuum. I understand the pain of being […]


Hmmmm. I think about this story and now I can smile and be grateful. At the time, smiling didn’t even come to mind. I’m grateful for this lesson learned, it showed me the best way. I took a bus from Ikeja to Maryland a few weeks ago. Upon entry, the conductor kept shouting N50, Maryland […]

Will You Trust Me?

I think about the Israelites escape from slavery and it’s an intriguing story. I know we remember these folks as the Faithless bunch and they did have seasons of doubt. Yet I wonder. It must have taken real faith to cross to the other side. I was talking to someone recently and she said, ‘If […]