Trying To Try!

How many of us are trapped in this maze?

I know I once was. Occasionally I still wander around this maze without even realizing I’m heading in that direction.

We’ve all been instigators of wrong doings. Not just victims. It’s a table we’re all familiar with.

It’s apparent we all struggle in different areas. My area of struggle is obviously not peculiar to me but it’s still hard.

The subject of this isn’t focused on our struggles cause we all have those.

I wanna talk about the maze.

“Trying to try.”

Nobody ever broke the habit by trying to.

I know. This sounds ridiculous.

Does it really? How long have you been trying to give up that habit? How’s that worked out for you? Exactly.

These days I’m not trying to try.

These days I realize that I can’t break the habit. I can’t give up the junk. I can’t break the addiction. I know I have no business being in that relationship but I can’t seem to get out of it. I just can’t.

Know what else? I admit it. I can’t.

I can imagine someone shutting their eyes right now, saying, ‘ No, don’t say that. They’ll just give up trying to break the habit.’ You’re right and I thought about that and realized, ‘It’s great to try but you still can’t break the habit.’ So instead of simply trying to try, I take it a step further.

These days I’m learning to really surrender my weaknesses and everything to the ONE who CAN!

So far, He’s been good about helping me. I’ll go, ‘Dad I’m so weak right now. Can you help?’ And just like that, He’ll supply strength and grace in my time of need.

It’s not about trying to try cause you can’t. It’s about depending on the Holy Spirit because by His power you CAN! He’ll equip you and lead you to the right information and the people you need.

So rather than try, I say be YIELDED to the ONE who CAN!

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