Supersize Those Dreams!

Over the years I’ve seen that once in a while God gives great men. I’ve had the privilege of knowing this wonderful man who has been a tremendous blessing to my life. So a few weeks ago I asked him a question.

“If you could advice your younger self based on a mistake you made, what would it be?”

And guys, he had tons to say. It would change your life and give you a mental shift. His name is Pastor Seun Alimi. I think he favours the name Caleb though. That’s his middle name. And he is one of my favourite people on earth.

Over to you sir;

‘Let me tell you guys a quick story.’

As a kid, I had such a great imagination (just like many of us) and my mom said I used to say very grandiose things. Like in a house where we washed our clothes and plates with our hands and never had any machines – I’ll say things like mom when I grow up, I’ll get a robot to do all these for me. It sounded strange back then but it’s all around us now.

I got to know Christ very early, I think I was nine years old then in a Foursquare gospel church children/youth camp meeting. In secondary school, my favorite scripture till date is Matthew 5:16. This scripture guided my life. It got fuelled by other scriptures like “you are the light of the world”, “a city on a hill” and others like that.

I wasn’t scared of the lime light. I kinda felt comfortable in it, but then as I grew older and got into conversations with people and learned about life in certain ways, I sort of began to shrink and hide. Life began to happen to me, especially when I started working and dating. I remember my first day at Zenith bank; I was this bubbly kid, fresh outta university and straight to work, no dulling, no pausing. I even had a brief internship period with another financial institution. I boldly declared my dreams to my colleagues of how I’ll rise and own the bank, they’ll laugh at me like Joseph’s brothers did. Amongst that, I’ll talk about my ambitions to be CBN (Central Bank Of Nigeria) governor and then President and they’ll laugh even harder.

Anyways, those were some of the dreams of a 22-23 year old. But like I said, life began to happen, expectations were in a way cut short.
Things weren’t moving as swiftly as I had imagined. Then I began to lose my confidence, began to moderate my dreams, began to just look towards the next pay cheque. Yet, life moved on. A close friend will say, ‘life doesn’t stop to wait for you, it keeps moving.’ So you have to move too.

I had goals of becoming a Billionaire by age 30, that’s to have made 1bn naira at least. I dreamt about it, talked about it, read books to condition my mind for the goal, thought about ways to make it happen…. but alas I’m over 30 and not yet a billionaire. So what happened? I began to believe the lie that 30 was too early to make 1billion.
I belived the lie, lived the lie, relaxed and stopped dreaming big. I shifted the goal post. Infact I just stopped dreaming. I became a “chilled” guy, take life easy kinda guy, just go with the flow kind of things. But deep down… I was sad and unhappy.

However, just before my 32nd or 33rd birthday, I met a guy who was a year older than me and had made over 1m dollars to the point that he had the luxury of losing that much money and making it all back… I fainted. The best part of the story is that this guy grew up in a one bedroom apartment with seven other siblings. That’s eight kids, some cousins and his parents all inside the one bedroom face to face apartment. I asked him;
‘Bros, how did you turn your life around? How did you rise above your environment, how??????’
A new journey and awareness began for me. My new friend encouraged me to dream again, set lofty goals. I embarked on a journey of new discoveries, learning more about God and myself. He reminded me of the scripture, ‘no eye hath seen, no ear has heard, what God has in store for those who love him.”

And the more I dreamt, the more I began to see possibilities. A whole new world of learning popped before me. Reading, learning and unlearning.

A wise man once said; ‘Those who say it can’t be done, simply mean they don’t know how to do it.’ You know why?
‘Because we see the world through our own lenses, not through the best lenses.
We see the world as we are, not as it is. Hence we project ourselves on the rest of the world.’
This is where scriptures come in to shape our minds and give us the lenses of the Creator so we can see as He sees. His views and perspectives are the ultimate. Let no one tell you something is impossible. Remember that they’re simply saying they don’t know how… they’re speaking their truth… not your truth.
Let the creator reveal to you that the desire he’s laid in your heart is impossible. Only then should you accept it.
But see what God says; “With man it may be impossible but with God all things are possible.”

Listen friends, the crux of my gist is this: Go back to your dreaming board and supersize those dreams.
You don’t have to know how they’ll happen, but keep them at the back of your mind and continue to commit them to God’s hands.
It may not happen in a year, in five years or even more. But never ever settle, never ever CUT down your dreams.
Never ever shrink to make someone else bling. The sky is so large, that no two stars affect each other’s shine.
You are the light of the world, you are a city on a hill. Don’t go putting other people down either. But be very comfortable in your shining, because you are doing a great thing that is bringing glory to God.

I leave you with the story of Joseph. We have heard and read that story so much that we lose it’s essence.
He had a dream as a boy, 17 years old. Daddy’s favorite, buttie pikin (a child who is spoilt and used to the finer things in life), had everything working for him.
He shared his dreams with his family and they began to beef him (they were jealous of him). They sold a buttie boy into slavery, a boy that if he sneezed, daddy go catch cold (Nigerian pidgin which means his father was affected by the tiniest thing that happened to him). His life was all rosy.
And suddenly, he was away from home, couldn’t contact his parents, had to work for strangers for food…

Things went totally south for him. And just when he thought he was making a head way in Potiphar’s house, another yawa gas (something terrible happened again). He was imprisoned. It took Joseph about thirteen years for his dreams to manifest. What about David? Anointed king at seventeen, didn’t ascend the throne until he was 30.
Friends, the promise of your dreams isn’t next year. For some it could even be tomorrow, for others not quite. But never ever Settle!

Never ever give up, continue to Supersize Your Dreams and paste them on the laps of the Creator.

Thank you Pst. Seun. You’re the real MVP! I have no doubts you’ll achieve and attain your goals. God bless you sir.

Matt.5.16 – Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

12 thoughts on “Supersize Those Dreams!

    1. Yes I did. Thank God for inspiration. The breath of His Spirit gives men inspiration. God bless you ma’am. You’re the real MVP! And the advice you gave me is working just fine.


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