Happily Ever After!

I’m a huge fan of love stories and I really don’t like sad stories. I love happy endings. It’s a little unrealistic in the world we live in but its still possible so I cling to the possibility.

What I find most interesting is that my dad is into love stories and happy endings too. Long time ago I was lost. I couldn’t find my way back to the light and I was frustrated. I didn’t have any sort of peace and my joy was non-existent. My friends were struggling and it was an endless cycle of pain and loss.

The amazing thing is my dad had seen all this prior to my being born. I thought my life was over but my dad had made preparations.

I was reading his love letter to me recently and guess what he said??

I paid a huge price for you:

all of Egypt, with rich Cush and Seba thrown in!

That’s how much you mean to me!

That’s how much I love you!

I’d sell off the whole world to get you back,

trade the creation just for you.

I was sitting in a bus about two weeks ago. I was sitted by the window, waiting for the bus to fill up. I looked out and saw so many humans… Too many to number. Each man seemed to be in control and on the way. And the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart; ‘I love each and every one of these dear folks’. And I’m like ‘really Lord? Everyone?’ And he said ‘Everyone’. So I’m like; ‘What of that conductor that just lied to me in the face?’ He said, ‘Him inclusive. Remember there’s no Jew nor Greek, female or male, slave or free. We are all one in Jesus.’

Jesus is the ultimate expression of the Father’s love. He looked into the future, saw how wretched our lives would be and how much the devil would take advantage of our fallen nature and he said, No way! If the wages of sin is death, then I’ll come down to the earth as a man and pay the ultimate price; Death on the cross! I’ll die for each of them; Past, present and future!

Its how much you’re loved. Its how much you mean to the Father’s heart. Its how desperately he wants to give you a happy ending. I’ve already found my happily ever after in Jesus. You can too!

14 thoughts on “Happily Ever After!

  1. Hmmmmmmm
    I couldn’t stop doing this
    I have found my happily ever after in the Father….oh glory glory glory
    God increase your wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him

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