I usually like to encourage people going through a rough path because the valley isn’t exactly the coolest place to be in. I get that. 

For those of you that have been there and some others who are still there, you know it’s rough and hard. It doesn’t exactly make you smile when you get up each morning. 

Many of us are waiting to get out of the rut to be happy. We’re waiting for that big break where everything falls into place like a solved puzzle to actually live again. No, you’re not living now. You’re simply going through the motions. 

And honestly, that’s alright. At least you’re still doing that much, right? At least you haven’t decided to give it all up and commit suicide. That’s commendable, isn’t that right? Wrong! 

You should be genuinely joyful wherever you’re at on life’s ladder. I hear this a lot and I’m like, why I should be happy? And they say cause it’s your process… And they’re right. 

And recently I found more reason to be happy about the rut. I watched Full Out, the life story of Adriana Berlin, UCLA’s history maker in Gymnastics. And I was wowed! Not just because she defied her doctor’s report after a bad accident and achieved her dreams. 

It was more about what happened while she was fighting. Of course she wasn’t always happy. Or enthusiastic. Or even hopeful. She fell flat on so many occasions. 

But what got me was that everything she went through, all the amazing people she met, everything that process took her through was entirely necessary for her in achieving her dreams. 

Look around you. It may not seem like much but it’s everything you need to achieve your dreams and more. 

My mentor always says, ‘Jules, you think you’re in a hard place right now and you are. What you’re going through doesn’t make sense at all. But you’re learning so much right now and you don’t even know it. 

I finally believe him. And it applies to everyone in a hard place. Just like Adriana Berlin, really soon the pieces of the puzzle will fall in place and it’ll make sense and you’ll be better for it. 

So right now, don’t be self consumed. Look around. There are lessons to be learnt, people you should pay attention to and things you can do. Give up the pity party already. 

And please y’all should see Full Out! Those of you that have seen it, I know I’m a little behind on movies I should watch so please don’t act smug and say, oh you’re just seeing that? Yes I’m just seeing it. And it’s never really late. 

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